Criteria of Pilot School to Choose

kriteria sekolah pilot yang harus dipilih

Sign in pilot schools will cost tens or even hundreds of millions of rupiah. The high costs of school to become a pilot, then you should be able to get a school that has a good criterion in the eyes of everyone. This is because the funds are not all that high school students can feel comfortable flying and training well.

Although the school has dozens of pilots graduating students to become a candidate for the pilot, but did not rule out the possibility there was one school that makes a student cannot graduate on time. This can happen because the quality of schools is fewer guarantees. Both in terms of advice such as classrooms, dormitories, the airport where the training, instructors, and also the amount of air. All matters relating to the above must be met by a qualified pilot school. For those of you who have the goal of becoming a pilot and wanted to continue to pilot schools, it’s good to select a school with the following criteria:

Offers a complete flight license

The first pilot school criteria to choose which schools offering full flight license. Where the license itself is a license which must be owned by a pilot. There are several licenses in the aviation world as PPL, CPL, IR and MER. Each license is offered have different functions and uses. Very important for you to know what licenses are offered school. The more complete licenses offered, then the better. It’s good to choose a school that offers licensed pilot MER. Why? Due to the pilot who has a license is very much beneficial. In addition to being a pilot can work with high salary as a pilot salary in India, could also be an instructor.

Have a number of trainers and instructors adequate

The second criterion pilot schools to be selected are to have the best amount of exercise and adequate instructors. Where both of these highly influential in the world of education, especially in the world of aviation. More and more schools are providing the best training and instructors, the better to be an option. Choose a school that provides the best training one used at least 5 students. If the terms of this facility are inadequate could cause students do not graduate on time. In addition, make sure also that the school has its own airport as supporting training exercises. Schools that share or collaborate with other airports can because you less flying hours will eventually make you pass are not timely.

Having a complete school facilities

School facilities are not as important to you when choosing a note by the pilot schools. Schools pilot with good criteria would provide facilities to ensure for our students. The facilities were intended as a hostel, a place of learning, simulators, computer pilot training, and so forth. Sign schools that have full facilities, it can make you feel comfortable in school and can help you to quickly finish the school. Therefore, make sure your chosen school has to provide adequate facilities so as not to make you upset. To find out how many facilities in the school, you can find information on each pilot school to see the school website or come directly to the school. Remember, features are important suggestions that should be considered when choosing a school pilot.

Those are some criteria that could be a pilot school of your choice; I hope the above information helpful. Well, for those who want to find pilot schools in India she roster flight schools for Indian students.


The Big Name of Pilot School Makes People Get Job Fast, Really?

Want to be a pilot? How to be a pilot? The first time you must choose the right pilot school. Right here is not only seen from a big name school but from some aspects that will be described here. Did not make a big name school quickly accepted work? This is not entirely correct because other factors quickly accepted work will be discussed below.

Top Pilot SchoolCost of education in pilot schools was not cheap, more than 33 Lakh. Not to mention the cost of registration in which the average will not be returned if it does not pass the selection. On this basis, the precision is needed in choosing a school pilot one of them falling victim to fraud. In addition to the aim of not getting losses in terms of funds, accuracy in choosing a school is expected that the pilot did not waste time in vain. In other words, has been studied in pilot schools but ultimately still be unemployed. Do not want to experience this most people made sure to sign up to the top pilot school.

The assumption, top pilot school graduates make work quickly accepted. Big-name school is helping graduates quickly find work, whether it be? This assumption may be correct because it is believed to be a graduate of a top pilot schools have the capacity that is okay. This is because they are taught by experienced instructors, adequate training aircraft, etc. Nevertheless, this affects the decision of the airline is only a few percent. The rest, the airlines look at the admissibility of the pilot school graduates from several aspects as follows:

Owned flight hours

In the pilot schools, there are some educational programs offered by the PPL, CPL (what is CPL? Click here to find the answers), IR, and MER. Each education program offers hours of flying different. The higher the educational program, flight hours earned will be more and more. If the pilot school graduates have high flying hours (up to get a license MER) of course will be prioritized by the airline. High flying hours coupled with the ability to fly so well that is expected to reach safety in flight. However, to get a high-flying hours by taking the MER program, the cost would be far more expensive than simply to IR. In fact, some schools to increase tuition fees for each educational program per batch.

Mastery in English

English one of the primary capital to be a pilot. The first reason because everyday language in the education and training of the pilot schools to use English. The second reason, guidebooks average flight using English. The third reason, English is also the language of a pilot’s conversation with the officer at the airport tower or profession called Air Traffic Controller. In fact, the standard of English language proficiency defined by the airline is much higher than the pilot schools. Therefore, should the pilot school graduates self-correction. Never stop to learn English.

Licenses obtained

Each country has a standard of different airlines. India wear aviation standards CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority). This flight standards higher than the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) that is used by the Philippines, Indonesia, and the United States. However, under the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), the standards used in pilot schools Malaysia. If the pilot school graduates with CASA standards will continue career to Malaysia for example, a license must be added again to convert the license. Similarly, if the standards of the FAA pilot schools will continue to state standards careers CASA, can not directly apply for a job but must first endorsement. If the pilot school graduates CASA standards, to build a career in Australia or India does not need to convert the license. If it meets the requirements of the above two potentially acceptable.

Do These before Registering to Australia Pilot School!

Australia Pilot School

Being a pilot is not just ideals while still a child. Many people are trying to embody these ideals as adults. The interest is so great for the pilot profession in fact not only for inspiration by people nearby who is also an aviator “iron bird” but also of the lucrative profits that will be obtained. One of the advantages is that the monthly salary that begins with the number approximately 15 million rupiah as second officer (basic profession before becoming a senior captain). The amount would be increased along with the increase flying hours, followed by a promotion.

Archipelago around the world can be free to be pulled bonus. Are you one who wants to realize the goal of becoming a pilot? Then, you have to pilot school in advance. Australia Pilot School can be considered as using the training syllabus CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) that meets the international standards set ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). On this basis, you can easily accepted to work mainly in Indonesia, the Philippines, or the United States because this country using the training syllabus FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). However, do this before applying to the Australian pilot schools:

  • Talk to your school counselor pilot. There are many pilot schools that exist in Australia today. Obviously you are confused chose not? Hence, you need to consult a trusted consultant pilot school. They will provide recommendations pilot schools the best in Australia. It could also provide information to you about the Australian pilot school is the goal. For example you choose flight training Adelaide. You can ask for information about the facilities (airports, training aircraft, simulators, etc.) to the consultant who actually be supporting your success becomes the pilot school graduates. If it according to standards and recommended consultant enough, you can register.
  • Prepare for English language skills. English, the capital that must be held when the pilot wants to go to school, especially those overseas, including Australia. Therefore, the ability of the English language became the language of instruction in schools pilot and pilot communications with the ATC language later. That is why it is important for pilots to master the English language. You have not been adequate in English? No need to worry because there’s still a chance to learn. Intensive English courses and independent learning more leverage before applying to the Australian pilot school is highly recommended. Afterwards, do not forget to follow the TOEFL test to ensure the ability of the English language is completely inadequate. This certificate is also a pilot school entry requirements.
  • Improve physical deficiencies owned. Physical to become a pilot practically perfect prosecuted. Seen from one of the conditions that must have height and weight. Does this mean that disabilities do not have a chance to become a pilot. Depends, if myopic eye can be corrected with LASIK surgery, tooth decay can be patched or revoked then wear dentures, and mild scoliosis can follow chiropractic. Except, for color blindness or loss of a body part that can not be repaired (full information get here and do not forget to like us here).

Check These when Choosing Pilot School

Ketika Pilih Sekolah Pilot1

Pilot school is the first step that must be passed by a person who wants to become a pilot. Choosing a good quality pilot school is an important thing that you should do. This is because to be able to finish school with a good pilot, of course, have to find a pilot school providing various facilities. Pilot school is also a school which has a duration faster than other universities that can reach 4 years. For there own pilot schools that offer in 1 year can be completed. Well, to make a quick finish and not make you disappointed when select pilot schools, then it follows that you need to choose carefully before school.

Duration school

Duration is important to note properly when you select the pilot schools. There are pilot schools that offer the school a duration of less than 1 year and a half just as well that the new 1.5 could pass. Well, if you are choosing a school pilot and wanted to get it over, then you can select the pilot schools All Asia Aviaton Academy. This pilot school offers study duration is more speedy. You can pass can be less than 1 year. You choose the duration of the pilot schools that provide faster, it makes you a more cost-effective and quick to find a job.

School age

When searching or choosing a school, you do not have to see the look good schools, but you have to look at school age. School age becomes important things to consider when choosing a school pilot. Given the newly established schools do not know what the fate of the future. It could be a new school stands experiencing folded. Therefore, when you select a school, then you have to find out about the school age. The longer of school age, then the better. Choose a pilot school that has been established at least 3 years. In Indonesia there are many aged old pilot schools. Nusa Flying School, Aero Flyer Institute, and BIFA is 3 pilot schools are located in Indonesia over the age of 3 years.

The number of aircraft

To make your finished on time, then you have to carefully look for pilot schools that provide an adequate number of aircraft. This is because the number of aircraft can quickly affect whether or not you are to finish school on time. Ideally, every school provides the first plane to 5 students. For that, choose a pilot school that has an adequate number of aircraft that can run up your workouts and knowledge gained better. In addition to the number of planes, you have to select the pilot schools that already have airports exercise alone. If the number of aircraft but is not supported by many airports exercise, then this can make you pass late and knowledge gained less than the maximum.


Cost to enter the pilot schools, certainly not cheap. Therefore, when you choose your pilot school should be careful about the fees to be paid. What are the costs to be paid that covers all or many other costs to be paid later. If you are not able to finance the future costs, of course, make you vain later due to constraints on the costs. For that, you need to carefully look for pilot schools that fit your financial situation and the economic situation of your family. There could select schools subsidized because of the expense is not too great.

To get a qualified pilot schools and in accordance with your wishes, of course, you should be more careful in selecting pilot schools.

Common Problems at Flight Schools

Flight schools in Indonesia start being better day by day. This happens because those schools are managed by government or private parties that have many years of experience. Unfortunately, some researches show that there are many commom problems that are faced by flight schools. Do you know what the problems are? Find the answer below:

cessna 172

Lack of aircraft          

Not all flight schools are equipped with adequate aircrafts. Sometimes, in a flight school, there are just 8 aircrafts whereas the number of students is more than 100. This makes pilot school students unable to graduate on time. Most of their time is wasted to wait their turn. Yup, they have to wait for a few hours to get turn. Meanwhile, their flight hour continues running. This means that some percents of their flight hour are not effective. That is why they will not have good flying skills. How many are aircrafts that are owned by flying schools ideally? It depends on number of students. Ideally, the comparison is one aircraft is reteable five students. By having adequate aircrafts, there is no student who has to wait for a long time.


Get bankrupt

This is caused by many things. Two of them are bad management and tuition fee that is not paid off. Bad management happens because pilot school parties don’t apply standar operational procedure, have bookkeeping and money management. To deal with this, those parties should make money management, trust experts, and take a not all income and outcome so they don’t spend money carelessly. They are also highly recommended to cooperate in each aspect so their flight school runs smoothly and is free from bankrupt.

Meanwhile, if there are many students who don’t pay off tuition fee, pilot school parties should drop them as soon as possible. To avoid getting this problem, ask cadets to pay tuition fee after being accepted as cadets. If you want to offer installment program, make sure that you just allow students to pay in installments for three or four times so there is no party that feels disadvantages.

government a

Be banned by government

Government will not ban flight school without having clear reasons. This problem will just be experienced by one of 10 flight school. The main cause of this problem is flight school is run without having license or cerficicate from government. Yup, that flying school is not licensed and accrediated. If students trust this school, of course they will get huge loss because this flight school parties can disappear and bring all money. In other hand, government can also ban a pilot school if there are many students who complain and feel frustrated and disappointed because they are abandoned. Government usually sends expert to look into this cause. If they already gather real proofs, government will ban that flight shool as soon as possible. All staffs will be asked explanation this cause. Then, government will also look for the right solution to get money back to students.

Hopefully, this information makes you know and realize that choosing flight school cannot be done carelessly because some pilot schools are in trouble.

Tips on Maintainin Body’s Health for Pilots

health cSometimes, pilots have tight flight schedule that make them very tired. In the long run, their body will not able to survive anymore so they get sick and have to be treated in hospital at last. If you are a new pilot, you should maintain your body’s health as well as possible. Do you know what you should do? If you don’t, do the following tips:

Take enough rest

Every time you have opportunity to take a rest, you should do it when having tight flight schedule. This is important to do so your immune is not weak. Nevertheless, when having free time, take enough rest 7-8 hours a day. Remember to avoid staying up because it is useless. You just deal with any health disorders at last. In other hand, if you don’t take enough rest, you will feel sleepy when doing your job and deal with any health disorders, like influenza, fever, cough, etc. sooner or later.

Do sport regularly

Some pilots don’t have ideal body because there are many fats in their body. This is a big deal because they can deal with obesity sooner or later. You need to know that obesity can trigger lung disorder, hypertention, heart attack, and diabetes at last. For this, you should be grateful your health and maintain your body’s health as well as possible by doing sport regularly. If you don’t have enough time to go to gym or fitness center, don’t give up because you can jog and run by using treadmill. You can also buy dumble or burble to build your triceps, biceps, chests, and shoulders.

In other hand, if you have enough time to go to gym, why you don’t do this. At gym, you can get guidance from experts so the risks of getting cramp, sprain, or injury can be minimzed optimally. What if you feel lazy to go to fitness center because your body is not ideal yet? Don’t think negatively because if you go to this place and work out regularly, your muscle mass will be bigger and your body will look ideal.


Consume healthy foods and drinks

Undoubteldy, junk foods are delicious and most of people like those foods. If you like consuming these foods, it is normal because you defintiley want to enjoy your life by eating foods that you want. Neverthless, this does not mean that you should consume junk foods every day. You need to know that those foods contain much fat that is not good for body. For this, avoid consuming those as well as possible. You should consume healthy foods. Besides, avoid drinking softdrink or alcohol whatever your reasons are. Realize that you can deal with metabolism disorder and drunk that makes you unable to work optimally.

Anyway, if airline parties know that you like drunk, you will be got fired sooner or later because you already violate rules and harm you and other people. Hopefully, by knowing these negative effects and tips of maintaining your body’s health, you can do your best when doing your jobs.

Pilots Will Be Punished, If They Do These

Pilot is one of the profitable and promising proffesion that is dreamed by many people. Benefits of being a pilot are having high income every month, going to other cities or countries, and fulfilling all needs and desires easily. That is why there are many pilots having many valuable assets, like apartment, house, car, motorcycle, land, and much more. Unfortunately, not all pilots do their responsibilities well so they are punished at last. They will also be punished if they do these:

hukuman pilot

Use drugs

For some people, drugs are like need. That is why they like using drugs. Furthermore, they believe that after using illegal products, they can feel happy and free from stress. Is it true? Yup, drugs can make users happy but these products are dangerous because users can be addiction. When they become drug addicts, they will find many ways to buy drugs, including stealing from their family members or other people. How about their health? They will look tired and get paver, especially if they don’t use drugs. Can you imagine if pilots use drugs when flying plane? This is very dangerous, right?

Thus, pilots are highly prohibited to use these illegal products whatever their reasons are. If they remain using those and airlines parties know about this, they will get punishments, like scoresing, getting fire, and making them deal with police.

Fly plane without following procedures

Do you know how to drive car? Yap, you should enter its key and gear first and then began to stomp gas as smooth as possible. This is called procedures, right? In flying plane, pilots also have to follow procedures so they can fly plane safely and smoothly. In fact, there are many pilots don’t follow flying procedures because they think that it is not important. Of course, it is not true because if plane is flown without following procedure, the flight is not noted. If plane gets crashed, airport parties cannot help to save the plane. The pilots will be blamed and responsible for their mistakes. They might not realize that they and passengers will die if plane deals with any problems.


Fight with collegues

Sometimes, different assumption and opinion can trigger conflict among family members, friends, or teams. In airlines, pilots can get trouble with their colleagues that make them fight at last. If this problem happens, they definitely will be warned and get warning letter. The worst part is they can get fire if they make their colleagues have to be treated in hospital or even die. They will be charged and go to jail sooner or later.

Thus, pilots have to maintain their attitude and behavior as well as possible and show their responsibilities optimally. If you are a new pilot, make sure that you remember this information so you don’t get any punishments. If you don’t know what you should and should not do because you are not experienced, ask for help from experienced pilots and staffs so you don’t make any mistakes that can make airlines parties punish you.